Find a solution to back up your Mac in 2017

Computers can be fun, but still you need to pay attention to more tedious computer related issues like caring for the hard drive of your computer. All computers from MAC to desktop PC towers have something called drives. These drives are electronic devices that stores all the information in your computer which includes your OS,…

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How PC Repair, IT and Data Recovery Company can Help With Data Recovery

Imagine you’re working busy on your computer to get access to a document saved on your hard drive. You connect to the hard drive, try to find the data and nothing can be found. You will find that your hard drive has just failed or your Raid array goes offline showing failed drives. If you…

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DNA is becoming the hard drive of the future

Data storage technologies are having a hard time keeping up, as the world is churning out more data that hard drives or magnetic tapes cannot handle. Researchers were looking at various methods to store data as a possible storage medium. And recently in a research, Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zielinski of the Data Science Institute…

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The Old ‘Freezer Trick’ to save a hard drive doesn’t work anymore

Hard drives act as the main media for data storage these days. There are so many kinds of hard drives like hard disk drive, solid state drive and external hard drive. Thus, users have multiple choices when they require to store different sort of data. No matter what type of hard drive the users use,…

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Your Hard Drive is Failing? Recover your data now

All the photos, documents, data, audio and video files are usually stored on the hard drive. At some point in your life you’re going to find yourself in a situation where all of your works and memories are gone from your hard drive due to some problem. Don’t lose your temper. The paradox of hard…

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