Dead hard drive and Backup – the gift that keeps on giving

Dead hard drive and Backup – the gift that keeps on giving

A failing hard drive or a dead PC is a complete disaster if you don’t have adequate backup. You can never know when it might happen and when you will lose all your data. It’s a heartbreaking moment when your hard drive crashes and you lose all your data in an instant. It’s not a matter of how your hard drive fails, but it’s about when it fails. The reality is that the lifetime of a hard drive is about 5 to 10 years and hard drives will eventually wear out.

Signs of hard drive failure

You can probably see some common signs of failure before your hard drive fails. These include:

  • Blank screen
  • Slow process of your PC
  • Frequent crashes and freezes
  • Bad sectors/blocks
  • Data gets corrupted
  • Strange sounds

Failing hard drives may be scary and data loss can just happen anytime to any people. But there are ways to data restore. But you need to have a professional experience for data recovery HD. If you need to get data from a failed drive, the good news is that in some cases, you can get the help of a data recovery experts to get back your lost data. The data recovery services cost can be bit high, but it differs from company to company. So take time to perform a research and choose the best data recovery company. Data Retrieval Ltd is a UK data recovery company, offering computer hard drive recovery services for businesses, organizations and home users who are experiencing a drive failure. Data Retrieval Ltd offers cheap data recovery, irrespective of the type of recovery required. The data recovery lab of the company is well equipped with all the latest data recovery tools and the technicians are well trained to stay abreast of the new technologies and tools available in the market. The other services offered by the company are data recovery SSD, HDD recovery service and Laptop hard drive recovery. If you are in need of data recovery services near you, contact Data Retrieval Ltd now.


One important and simple solution is back up your system on a regular basis. Backup makes the disk data recovery easy and simple. There are different methods that can be used to back up your data.

Keep it simple

Having a built in backup feature in your system is a good starting point. But still it is vulnerable to disasters like flood and fire. The recent trend is having a personal cloud to backup your data. This is because storing the data in an off-site location like in a portable hard drive (external hard drive) or USB is not considered safe. The portable hard drive recovery is again same like recovering the data from hard drive. The best backup system is the ones that are automated because people cannot rely on manual procedures and they can’t keep on checking them from time to time to ensure that the backups are running smoothly.

Look to the cloud

You can set up off-site backup method like cloud backup. It is as easy as installing a Dropbox or Google drive which automatically syncs your documents and all your data to the cloud. You might just need to move the folders into the cloud sync folder and then train them to save the files in the right place. The cloud sync services sometimes come with a limited storage and once you reach the limit, you need to upgrade it.

Cloud sync services are handy to use, but there is a more advanced option for backup, which is an online backup service. Online backup services make recovery hdd very simple and easy in times of disaster.

Any strategy can be used to backup your data. Because anything is always better than nothing. Whenever you choose a backup strategy, keep the following points in mind

Having an automatic backup strategy is always the best, because we often forget the backup process.

Do routine backup – A routine backup strategy in place can make you feel a little easier, safe and secure.

Multiple backups – Take at least three different backups. This prevents from data corruption of all the files at the same time.

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